Pancakes and Halles

You know that time the best breakfast spot in town decided to build a barn-inspired reception hall next door? Ya, me either. Until today. I stumbled upon my future front door at the most adorable, and likely newest, event Halle in San Antonio!


If you live in or around San Antonio you should be very familiar with the infamous Magnolia Pancake Haus. Just two short months ago, they opened up the Magnolia Halle right next to their Huebner location.

With its warm, Texas, rustic-inspired theme, you might have thought you landed in a surrounding city like Hondo or Castroville. The large windows around the venue, floor-to-ceiling white rock gas fireplace, iron accents and barn-style bathroom doors make you want to kick up your cowboy boots and get ready to party at a country-chic wedding reception.

Kudos to the local pancake masters for making this bold and smart business move. I foresee the venue booking up very fast! And if you haven’t done so already, try out their jambalaya omelet … it’s a household favorite!

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