A Rodeo Surprise

It’s been well over 20 years since I’ve been to a rodeo. I mean the real rodeo – not just the grounds and carnival portion. Last night, I ventured out with our two oldest kiddos – J and M – to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo to watch the real deal.

We were able to see some live stock and enjoy several carnival rides for a few hours before the big show. Once we climbed to the top of the AT&T Center – yes, climbed, with a three and five-year old – we settled in our seats just in time to watch the grand entry.


Dozens of beautiful horses nailed the opening choreographed number with cowboys and cowgirls leading them around the pin proudly carrying American and Texas flags. It was military night – so the MC proudly recognized military men and women in attendance followed by the unthinkable. An opening prayer!  Ya’ll, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rode kicks off their event – where people from around the world, yes world, come to compete – with a prayer, praising our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Chills bolted through every cell of my body. Pride and grace flooded my eyes in the form of water. I wish there was a way to explain in words the way I felt at that moment last night.

Every day I see and hear  disrespect and hate spewing from the mouths and fingers of my fellow Americans – most on TV and the internet – and some days, it’s enough to make me wonder if we will ever, as a united country, come back to Christ. But, last night I was filled with hope that I had lost. Never would I have thought a large, public event would be so bold as to pray first and then honor the country where God purposely put us. A place that allows that kind of public praise, provides freedoms of all kinds and supports healthy competition for men and women.

The rodeo itself was phenomenal. My favorite events were the bareback riding, saddle bronc riding and bull racing. These men are legitimately insane. To willingly get on the most athletic, bucking horses and bulls to see how long you can hang on in the proper position requires some big cojones! If you live near a town that holds a rodeo I strongly encourage you to attend. It’s an incredible experience.

I definitely plan to support this event, which supports our family’s beliefs, every year. Kudos to you, San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, for being bold!


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