Moms gone Waco

Between the two of us, we have seven children, all under age 10. So when an opportunity for a single-day, moms-only trip to Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market Silos presented itself … you better believe your shiplap me and one of my besties, V, took it!

Fifteen hours and 350 miles later, it’s safe to say we created some memories to last a lifetime.

Let’s start with a PSA … do NOT stay in a Temple hotel directly off of IH-35. Can you say Breaking Bad?! After five minutes on the hotel property, that shall remain nameless, we were darting back to our car. I’m not sure if it was the man from the streets roaming around the rooms when we first pulled up, the front desk associate asking for the make and model of my car, or the fact that the entire property, inside and out, looked like it belonged on a murder/detective show, but we gladly donated our hotel fee and – V’s pillow – and never looked back.


After making it to Waco safe and sound, we settled in to a much safer hotel and slept in … until SEVEN A.M.! Can’t tell you the last time that happened.


By 8 a.m. we were on our way to the Silos ready to enjoy a breakfast treat from the Bakery.

After we parked a block away, we heard a train coming. It was picturesque of the small, quaint town and something I’m sure the HGTV production crew would have loved to capture. An old train rolling through downtown with the Silos in the background. By the time we realized the train was on the tracks that were 10 yards in front of us, it gave us just enough time to sprint across before we got stopped by the railroad crossing gate. Someone give be a cinnamon roll already.

Ahhhh, the Silos. V put it best – it’s an adult Disney Land. Everyone is ridiculous friendly, and genuinely happy to work there and have you visiting. From the moment you step on the property you can’t help but notice the details – a signature trait of Joanna Gaines. The music magically makes the crowd seem tolerable, the market’s setup attracts camera phones of all types snapping away ideas for homes across the country, and the outdoor space allows for swinging, lounging, eating, running kicking and throwing.

An hour-ish later, we headed to visit Harp Design Co. located in a small but sweet location or a residential area where you can hear him – or someone from his team – working in the back.


Then, it was back toward the Silos to visit The Findery – an adorable shop filled with home goods, furniture, light fixtures and apparel.

Downtown Waco is charming. You can’t help but notice the architecture of the old buildings – many with stain glass. We grabbed lunch from a BBQ food truck at the Silos and then headed back to San Antonio – but not before buying a few cupcakes for the road which are worth every penny of their $3.50 price!

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