Dinning Room Do-Over

By Vanessa Meyer, guest blogger

Y’all I am so excited to share my dining room makeover with you!  Well, let’s be honest it was not really a makeover … more like a successful attempt to finally decorate after living in our house for nearly two years.

But first, a bit about me. I’m a working wife and mom to four young children. When it comes to shopping, I’m frugal, the belle of bargains and a sucker for DIY projects. Together with my dad, we’ve built our entry-way bench, a toy storage unit and two twin beds for my middle boys. Between marriage, kids and work, it goes without saying that spare time doesn’t present itself much. So this year, I decided to take a few days off for Spring Break with my kids and transform our dining room.

First up … window treatments. We have one large window in our dining room and I dread spending money on curtain rods and drapes. It gets so expensive, especially when you have a TON of windows. I found a great pin for DIY curtain rods and after a trip to Home Depot and a phone call to my dad, viola!


I wanted simple, plain white curtains. I found these 108” curtains at Kohl’s on sale for $24.99, plus I had an extra 30% off coupon!  A quick search on Amazon pulled up these curtain rings that I’ve been able to use for multiple window coverings.

With a neutral window covering, pops of color were calling my name. I love vintage floral prints and found some great ones on Etsy, but hello price tag! I turned to my fav, [yep, you guessed it!] Pinterest and found some amazing vintage floral prints for free [insert pat on back]. I printed them at Staples – a much cheaper route for printing than local print shops – and bought these frames on sale at Michael’s.

I was happy with my prints, but the room still felt like it was missing some color. To help achieve a more open concept, we partially tore down the wall between our living and dining room when we first moved in. It left us with a small, angled wall in the dining room that I never loved, but live with. This was my chance to use the wall to dress up the room.

During our trip to the Silos, I spotted the magnolia leaf wreath often used on Fixer Upper episodes. Shell shocked at the $99 price tag, I confidently turned away knowing I could find something similar for half the price. Back home, I turned to my faithful craft store, Hobby Lobby, which did not disappoint. I found this magnolia wreath for $50 and used my 40 percent-off coupon, purchasing it at just $30! Coupled with an antique mirror I bought from Hobby Lobby last year, (find a similar one here) and some wire to hang the two, my walls were complete.


Finally, I wanted to add a live plant because, you know, that’s what self-proclaimed interior decorates do. It was off to Lowe’s with the hubby. I found THE PERFECT indoor plant called Bird of Paradise.  I told him how much it was – $70. Never at a loss for words, he declared we were not paying $70 for a plant I was going to kill in a month. So, I decided I would start smaller [ahem…cheaper] with a cane plant that’s nearly impossible to kill and a cute basket from Home Goods to place it in (find a similar one here.).

Once in its place, I quickly realized the cane plant wasn’t cutting it. So, I swapped out the original plant I was forced to buy picked with a fiddle leaf fig tree from a local nursery in San Antonio.


Here’s a final picture of our new dinning room.  Hope you got some home décor inspiration!



3 thoughts on “Dinning Room Do-Over

  1. Angie says:

    I loved reading your blog Vanessa! Great ideas and easy on the wallet. I’d love to see the boys beds, we’ve been contemplating doing the same.


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