Thank you, Sandwich Man

After church today, I took the crew to Whole Foods to grab some lunch and pick up a few items while my husband studied for an upcoming test. We arrived right around 11 a.m. and the pizza gal was tossing the made-from-scratch dough while informing me she already had several orders in and it would be 20+ minutes before a pizza came out to buy by the slice.


It was more of a sandwich kind of day anyways, so we patiently waited in line, behind two other people, for the sandwich-making team to come out. A young man, likely in his 20s, came out with a beanie on and started serving the customers. I watched as he took his time, slowly placing each ingredient on the bread of choice with so much care. He never got rattled that a line was forming. When it was our turn, he maintained his careful, methodical methods, spreading the mustard, doubling up the oven roasted fresh turkey meat and perfectly placing each pickle, tomato and spinach leaf. I couldn’t help but think WOW, he really takes pride in his job. It was like watching someone paint. And while my kids were running in circles, begging for a cookie off the cookie wagon right behind us, I was honestly mesmerized by how much pride this young man took in his job.

After we thanked him for serving us and paid for our lunch, we stepped outside of the doors to eat on the front patio. Ironically enough, I had engaged in a long, difficult discussion with Jeremiah, age 6, earlier this morning about gratitude. Specifically noticing how much adults do for him and being in a constant state of gratitude instead of pouting when the answer is no or not right now.

Right as we were finishing our lunch, Mila says, “Hey, there’s the man who made our yummy sandwiches!” He must have been on a short break. I encouraged Jeremiah and her to go up to him and thank him again, and tell him how much they loved their sandwiches. And so they did. He came over to our table and we had a brief exchange around what it meant to slow down to go fast and taking pride in everything you do.

That young man reminded me of a lesson that’s been on paper for over 2,000 years The Bible is filled with lessons that tells us to give 100 percent at everything we do. Not to be lazy. To serve with a smile, genuinely caring for others regardless of what they look like, how much money they have or what language they speak.

Whether it’s cleaning the toilet at home making the fourth meal of the day for the family, or in the office, cranking away at a report, I think we can all use a little bit more of the Sandwich man inside of us.



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