10 Reasons your Mom is a Super Hero

Be warned, this will not be a mushy blog post about the 100 reasons why it’s lovely and beautiful to be a mother. Because, let’s be honest. There aren’t 100 reasons. There are 100 times 100 reasons and we don’t have time to be reading all of that. Just saying.

No, no. Instead, this post is a list of just a few reasons why moms are nothing short of superheros. Enjoy.

TEN | Only a mom’s body can create liquid gold. Seriously. That stuff will go for some major cash on the black market! So dads, the next time you think a new mom isn’t doing anything when she’s nursing, just remember her entire body is develpoping a specialized product that, by itself, can develop every single part of your newborn’s body – brain included. Good luck cooking a five-star meal after that nugget of truth.

NINE | Only a mom can be nursing a newborn with a cradle hold in one hand and cooking dinner for a family of five with the other, and still catch the older children hitting each other with the eyes strategically placed in the back of her head [special thank’s goes out to the microwave’s reflection].

EIGHT | Only a mom can smell a poppy diaper from a toddler napping in his/her room upstairs, with the door closed, while she’s downstairs, alongside a room full of healthy adults with full-functioning senses.

SEVEN | Only a mom can be holding an adult conversation, with eye contact, while anticipating every dangerous outcome that could develop from her children playing nearby.

SIX | Only a mom can increase her life productivity ratio with every child she bears.

FIVE | Only  moms can be the sole reason a company stays in business. You’re welcome, every company who develops life planners.

FOUR |Only a mom can turn a home where a toy-filled tornado ripped through it to an HGTV-ready set with 10-minutes notice.

THREE |Only a mom can put an air traffic control team in the busiest city to shame in her natural setting of kid chaos.

TWO |Only a mom can put a First Lieutenant to shame as she learns how to Army crawl on the spot out of a nursery with the utmost precision to avoid waking the, never-napping, napping newborn.

ONE | Only a mom can provide a kiss that heals all wounds, a hug that cures sadness and a heart that offers safety, comfort and encouragement for her children.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my hard-working mamas out there. It’s a 27/7/365 day gig that we love, are exhausted by yet wouldn’t trade in for the world.




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