2018 | A Grinding Year in Review

Here’s one thing that didn’t happen in 2018 … consistent, personal blogging. However, in typical late-December fashion, as I think [and look] back at the many memories made this year, we accomplished what needed to be accomplished. And that’s what matters most.

You won’t find any fancy, extravagant trips or big ‘milestones’, like a new baby [thank you Lord, says Anthony] or house or car or pet, as you scroll through this blog post. This year was a grind, and it made us better, together.

The first few months of the year were filled with work, school, and youth sports – basketball, track and t-ball to be exact.

Jeremiah and Pepe [his great grandfather] enjoyed a night out at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo in February. And before we knew it Spring was over and we had a first-grader and another kiddo heading into Pre-K.


Summertime brought a few Texas-coast beach trips, Mila’s first theater camp, a basketball summer league, church camp and too many pool days to count.

In the late summer, Anthony completed a 10-month police academy – an adventure that, once again, reminded me of how unique he is. You don’t find many people in our generation willing to take a night job while going to school full time during the day without complaining. I think he averaged about 4 hours of sleep a day most of the year.

The August heat was a sure sign it was time for school to resume. Mila joined her big brother at her new school while the little one became the Lone Ranger in her small school.

Soccer season kicked off and the two bigs did fantastic. In Mila’s first season, her team came in 2nd place and Jeremiah’s team finished in the top four out of the entire city for his division (which included nearly 40 teams!).

The holidays were spent with friends and family – most memorable events included a Kevin Hart comedy show, the Nutcracker Ballet, feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving, the girls’ first manicure and pedicure, a campfire dinner with s’mores and trips to Austin’s dinosaur park for Jeremiah’s birthday, Boerne’s Town Square and Austin’s Trail of Lights.

Jeremiah was diagnosed with scoliosis this winter – a condition my family is far too familiar with. We’re waiting to receive his nighttime back brace, praying daily and exploring different therapies to help him along the way.


Looking back, day after day felt like a grind. Cooking, cleaning, shuttling, sorting through opposite work schedules, serving in the children’s ministry at church, running off minimal sleep, teaching Mila how to swim in the deep end [with success], teaching Sierra how to ride a bike, getting Sierra potty trained [easiest.child.ever], helping with homework, attending field trips, logging reading hours, building fiesta floats, hosting birthday parties, attending birthday parties, exercising, coaching the kids in sports, taking Mila to tennis lessons, preparing for and surviving the holidays. Phew!

What I can say Anthony and I have both been reminded of this year, maybe in a louder way than ever before, is the importance of keeping God first and center in our lives, and the dedication it takes to pour into a marriage, and one’s self, for continued growth. Through His grace, we’re learning, growing, and picking each other up after each fall.

Cheers to enjoying the twists and turns of 2019, embracing the struggles and finding joy in every task, every day.

One thought on “2018 | A Grinding Year in Review

  1. tamsportss says:

    I got tired for you guys reading 2018 review. It is a blessing all the accomplishments and milestones met while still keeping your sanity. You guys are doing a great job!

    Love you all!

    Sent from my iPhone



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