In Time

In time they will thank you, with an understanding beyond their current capacity.

In time they will see what you sacrificed. Who you sacrificed. And how often you sacrificed.

In time they will slowly start to comprehend the magnitude of the job. The tears that come with it. The sleepless nights. The endless task lists. The worldly criticisms. The constant mental and physical motion. The fatigue of the heart, mind, body and soul, quickly followed by the nourishment of blind faith and God’s yolk.

In time they’ll sing your praises. The ones far past due. And they’ll realize the older they get, the wiser you were.

In time it’ll come full circle. And they’ll wish they had your strength, your wisdom, your abilities.

And in that time, you’ll remind them they have exactly what the need, through Him, who strengthens all. You’ll smile. And trust that your time, those really really hard times, will now serve as a beacon of hope that they, too, can persevere, serve and still be fulfilled by the only supreme Being that matters.

Motherhood knows no time. It’s endless. Sometimes thankless. Often criticized, overlooked. But never, never marginalized to One who allowed you to obtain the title.

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